How to not get replaced

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How to not get replaced

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 10, 2017 7:01 pm

Hi guys,

How do you stand out in your industry?

This is one of the big topics that came up in last week's members 'Ask Me Anything' session. And it's a very good one.

The biggest problem all of us have…

… is commoditisation.

There are a thousand people out there teaching English online now. Yet I can confidently say I make more money than most of them. And despite ever increasing competition… my income only goes up.


Because I'm very good at standing out from the crowd in a way that's real and authentic.

If we're the same as everything and everyone else, including you, guys.

What's to stop customers or employers throwing you away in favour of someone cheaper?

And here's something that will scare you --

No matter your industry if you are a commodity with no strong positioning, no reason for customers or employers to beg you stay…

… you will be replaced.

that's the world we currently live in.

So you've got two choices:

1. Work for less money and lower your standard of living (bad idea).

2. Position yourself better and stand out as the better option.

I'll say right now that being "cheaper" is never a good idea. There will always be someone prepared to lower their standards even further than you.

And as much as we all like to think money isn't everything…

… it is damn important.

That leaves option two: stand out as the better option.

Or put another way…

You've got to position yourself as a premium product.

We'll talk more about this topic…

… and I'm going to be doing a full seminar on this in June (which members will get to attend for free).

But for now, know this --

It all starts with Extraordinary Speaking.

You won't be able to even compete until your English is up to scratch, let alone win.




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