How to learn a language. Learn to express

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How to learn a language. Learn to express

Post by Saud Almansour on Sun Apr 09, 2017 10:57 am

In the study of a new language there comes a point when you successfully express your thoughts on something that is important to you. You feel a sense of triumph. Unfortunately this happy moment is often followed by another encounter where you find yourself tongue-tied and unable to really say what you want to say. Comfortable fluency takes time and practice. It is the ultimate goal and is certainly achievable for everyone.

To express yourself in a new language you must first absorb the language by listening, reading and learning vocabulary as explained above. These activities will always account for about three quarters of your effort while you are working to achieve a basic level of fluency. But from the beginning you also have to work on your skills of expression: pronunciation, writing and conversation. Developing these skills requires a conscious commitment to regular and patient practice.

Saud Almansour

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