How to learn a language. Set clear goals

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How to learn a language. Set clear goals

Post by Saud Almansour on Sun Apr 09, 2017 12:46 am

To succeed in most activities you need to set goals. How much time are you willing to commit each day, and for how long? What skill level do you want to achieve? How many words do you know and how many do you want to know? How fluent do you want to be? Do you need to participate in business meetings in the new language? Do you need to follow university lectures? How close to native level do you want your pronunciation to be? Do you need to write business reports or school reports in the new language?

You may decide that you can commit to two hours per day for a period of six months or one hour a day for twelve months. This degree of commitment would mean a total of more than three hundred fifty hours and should produce a language breakthrough if the study methods are effective. During this period of concentration, you will have to sacrifice familiar activities in order to fulfill your commitment. If you develop the habit of listening at various times during the day, doing some casual reading, watching television, spending time in more dedicated study and having regular conversation sessions on subjects of interest, you can achieve the required level of intensity.

Saud Almansour

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